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Baby Ziggy Meows For The Very First Time And She Sounds Just Like A Duck

What is more precious than hearing the very first sound that came from an infant fostered kitten? This adorable video will catch your attention right away. The kitten itself is not only the sweetest cat, but she melted people’s hearts with his creaky quacking!

In the video below, we see a tabby kitten named Ziggy, who used to be 2 weeks old. Her body is way smaller than the owner’s palm. Her mouth is full of white fluid, which can be inferred she has just finished eating. What’s more, the foster mom says she begins to vocalize her first sound, indicating that she is happy! The sound she makes is a little bit different from other kitties, though. She sounds like a duck rather than a cat, which doubles her cuteness to the next level!

(h/t: thebestcatpage)

Watch the video here:

While Ziggy the kitty is meowing (quacking?), her body is shaking constantly. Some commenters show concerns about it. However, the foster mom is not a novice at all. She assures that it is very normal for the kittens.

“I promise you this kitten was not in the least cold. This kind of shaking is very normal while they are building new muscles and exerting them as they grow. This kitten was extremely well cared for, and believe me when I tell you I have cared for hundreds of infant kittens and am well aware of their need for appropriate warmth.” – The caretaker says.

Helping animals is a heroic act of love. It is not easy to take care of, especially when they are too young and tiny. We need a lot of patience and compassion to offer so that they can thrive, strive, and shine bright. Hopefully, the baby duck in a cat form will be showered with a lot of food, toys, and affection!


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