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Dad Builds A Heated Cat House With Night Vision Camera To Make Sure The Stray Cats Make It Home Safely

Maria Cassano noticed a stray cat carrying a kitten trying to get through her father’s backyard a few years ago. She was instantly concerned about the mother’s ability to produce milk for her newborn kitten due to a lack of sufficient nourishment. Maria’s father was hesitant about feeding the neighborhood’s homeless cats, but she persuaded him to make an exception, and they took excellent care of their Mama the cat. The young kitten was quickly adopted by a neighbor, and the Cassano family continued to feed the neighborhood’s stray cats.This is a beautiful action of a human caring cats and trying to give them in the best condition of their life.

As winter approached on Long Island, they began to be concerned about the cats’ safety due to the harsh weather conditions. This is where Maria’s father steps in to save the day: he devised a plan to build a cat house. Even though her father Steve was not a huge fan of having pets in the house, he wanted to assist out the less fortunate kitties. Cats feel lucky and grateful to meet these kind people in this winter and we need more help of people to take care the stray cats out there during this terrible temperature of the year. Hopefully this amazing action will be inspiring to all people and more cats in the world will get a better environment through every season.

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This is Mama, a cat that was looking for a shelter for her newborn kitten and ended up living in the cat house


The resourceful father ordered all of the necessary waterproof supplies for constructing a heated cat housing in their backyard. Mama the cat produced a second kitten, and Maria’s father went one step further by installing a camera in the cat house so he could monitor whether they arrived safely each night. The Cassano family had no idea they’d end up with a series of adorable images of fluffy stray cats peacefully sleeping in their shelter. There is no harder thing of being a mom cat and they must take care of their kitties and themselves. A great support from Maria’s family is the best thing ever happened to this lovely cat family.

The crafty dad built a shelter so that she could be warm and comfortable in the harsh weather conditions


He constructed the cat house in the backyard using waterproof materials and is fully heated


Maria was able to get Mama the cat and her kitten checked out and vaccinated at a nearby veterinarian. Mama was said to be healthy enough to make it through the winter, but her kitten was too young to do so. She ended up caring for the kitty and eventually finding him a loving home to adopt him.

Mama gets to hang out with Inky and Finky now that the pretty comfy cat house has been frequented by new feral cats. The strays have shown to be quite independent, refusing to enter the house or allow the Cassanos to touch them. The family, on the other hand, is delighted to offer the cats with a comfortable home and to share their property with them.

After installing night vision camera the family ended up snapping cute pictures of the cats sleeping


The stray cats are often taking naps in the lawn chairs and taking advantage of the family’s backyard facilities


The Cassano family has a lot of admirers on the internet. This story has prompted others to share similar stories, as well as to begin assisting their fellow street animals throughout the hard weather seasons and throughout the year. Users are enthralled by the charming night vision cam photographs, however it turns out that some people have similar recording devices placed to keep an eye on the strays.


They now have a “cat igloo” and a few more dwellings in addition to the original cat house so that all of its purring residents may be warm and healthy. All of the cat dwellings are now jokingly referred to as “Steve’s condos,” after the Cassanos’ father.

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