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Wife Documents How This Cat Stole Her Husband In 30 Adorable Pics

Seeing your lover cuddling with someone else sure is furious, but what if it’s your cat? A Thailand couple blew up on social media after the wife – Nasrin Hami posted a compilation of her cat snuggling up on her husband. The album went viral after Super Cats spotted them on Facebook.

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Meet Jarvis – Daddy’s boy!

Nasrin shared some interesting facts about her cat – Jarvis: His breed is Scottish Fold. Besides their beautiful fur pattern and folded ears, they are very well-behaved and get along with other pets. They are also very curious, playful, and affectionate with their owners.


Jarvis’s 6th birthday is on April 23, so he’s been together with them for quite a long time! He only eats cat food and has never tried human food, not even fish – the food that every cat is supposed to be obsessed with. Besides that, he loves to sleep, observe birds and squirrels by the window like every other cat, and absolutely adores Nasrin’s husband too!

#3 Despite his adult size, Jarvis still demands to snuggle up on the husband’s shoulder!


Jarvis also follows him whenever he heads to the kitchen. Pretty sure it’s all in Jarvis’s plan: accompanying the husband and also asking for some food!


Jarvis’s clingy nature is expressed every time, every day! Whenever Nasrin’s husband arrives home, Jarvis will be the first to welcome him. Jarvis will always sit next to her husband and even lay a paw on him, just like a sign of ownership!


Jarvis is not for sale, according to Nasrin’s Facebook page Baan Nee Tong Mee Meow, and given his current popularity, she is sure that many more people would be delighted to adopt the cuddly lovebug if they could.

Scroll down to see Jarvis the Scottish Fold cat’s wonderful photos and get a glimpse of what true love looks like!


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