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30+ Of The Best Cat Tattoo Ideas Ever (Part 1)

Pets are the most loyal companions that we always want to keep by our side. Sadly, there will be a time when those friends leave us. So, why not show our love to them through a memento that can be kept forever like a tattoo? Options and ideas are innumerable, and you’ve probably had a preference of your own, but it’s always better to have more choices, cause tattooing is a form of art, which can vary in countless styles, methods, and meanings.

Here are 50 cat design tattoos we have collected from artists all around the world, including all possible types of art. From subtle, minimal design to badass, abstract tats, or even realistic, detailed works, we make sure our feline beauties shine in this lifetime monument! But hey dog lovers, don’t be upset because we will soon have a post about your canine friends!

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Ancient Egyptians sure adored cats, as they were not only good at catching mice, vermin, and snakes, they were also associated with Egyptian mythologies and social, religious practices. They represent wealth, guardians of the underworld, cat-like deities such as Mafdet, Bastet, and Sekhmet, representing justice, fertility, and power. Do you know that cats are considered noble creatures, as their bodies were mummified when they died? Pretty meow-nificent right?

Sphynx, the hairless cat types, are one of the most ancient cat species to live until today, as they have appeared since the Pharaoh dynasty.


In contrast, in the Renaissance and Victorian period, cats were often linked to witchcraft and devils, black magic, which caused them to be feared and hated.


Unlike in Western countries, cats have long been associated with good fortune in Russia. It is thought that having a cat, especially letting one into a new house before the people come in, brings good luck. 


In Asia regions, cats have a special place in cultural beliefs and practices. They appear in the Lunar Zodiac sign, shrines, folktales, myths, and legends. The most well-known cat is the Maneki-Neko (lucky cat), which originates in Japan. It is regarded as a symbol of luck and prosperity. They are also one of the most common pets in Asian households.


For women, cats represent femininity and elegance and sensuality, based on their natural characteristics: they are nocturnal animals, who are active primarily at night. They have amazing physical strengths, great sensibility and also calm, gentle yet flexible manners. 


However, they spend 12 to 16 hours sleeping in the daylight, so it’s understandable why they ignore us all the time. 


Besides the symbolic meanings, cats are not just lazy and aloof animals, they are playful, loving, and smart creatures. Many people love these characteristics and put them on ink!


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