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17 Facts About Cats That’ll Make You Love Them

The Covid pandemic has been tough with everyone, as we are restricted from traveling and got stuck at home most of the time. However, the boredom of being locked up sure eased when we have cute, furry companions by our side. These amazing animals never cease to astound us and got us all smitten with more and more every day, and learning something new about cats is a sign of showing our love and care for them!

Let Gidypet help you express the ‘feline love’ by sharing some fascinating facts and stories about them right meow!

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#1 On avergae, cats spend almost two-thirds of their lives sleeping. For example, a 9 year-old cat only spends about 3 years awake in its life

The reason why cats sleep so much originates from their evolution history: To save energy for hunting, chasing, and killing their next food, wild cats must sleep. Even if our house cats don't need to hunt, they still have the instinct to sleep and prepare for the hunt.

#2 A cat’s brain is shown to be physiologically closer to ours than a dog’s

Their emotions are controlled by the same regions of the brain as we are, but usually, they would choose to ignore us and do their own thing.

#3 Today’s largest cat is a liger. It can grow to be up to 13 feet long and weigh more than 660 pounds. The biggest liger today weighs 992 lb

The liger is a hybrid offspring of a male lion and a female tiger, it is considered a cat since lions and tigers belong to the Felidae family, where cats and other wild feline cousins are a part of.

#4 Black-footed cat is today’s smallest wild cat species. Females are 19 inches long and can weigh only 2.6 pounds

#5 It is considered a good sign to see a black cat in Britain and Australia, whereas in Europe and North America believes black cats are bad omen

It has been an ancient superstition in Europe and North America to believe that black cats bring bad luck as they are associated with witchcraft and warlocks. Unfortunately, people would usually abandon or mistreat them whenever they see them.

However, other regions of the world, such as Britain and Australia, see black cats as a symbol of good luck if people happen to cross paths with them.

#6 Persian cat is the most popular cat breed today. Maine Coon and Siamese are the next most popular breeds

Persian cats are friendly, gentle felines with gorgeous big eyes. Persian cats are not only the most popular cat breed, but they have also been around humans throughout years of evolution. 

Maine Coon are also favored because of their luscious fur and their compatibility in cold regions, and Siameses stand out among other species thanks to their unique features.  

#7 There is a cat breed that enjoys being near water – the Turkish Van

Because of their remarkable fascination with water, Turkey's native Van cats are usually referred to as "swimming cats", thanks to their waterproof coat.

#8 Two Siamese cats once stopped an espionage plot back in 1960

Employees at the Dutch embassy in Moscow once noticed that two Siamese cats came to the premises on a daily basis and scratched the walls. It turned out that Russian spies had planted microphones in the walls.

#9 Many cats can find their way home despite long distances

Experts believe that cats either understand their location based on the angle of the sun or have magnetized cells in their brain that act as a navigation device. However, that doesn't mean they can always find their way home, so it's better to keep them on watch and on closed environments.

#10 Crème Puff from Austin, Texas, was the world’s oldest cat, she lived from 1967 to August 5, 2005

She passed away three days after his 38th birthday. Jake Perry, Creme Puff's owner, shared the secret of her longevity is on her diet. He fed her dry cat chow supplemented with broccoli, eggs, turkey bacon, coffee with cream, and "an eyedropper full of red wine" every two days. Perry said that the wine "circulated the arteries"

Perry also kept Creme Puff active by converting his garage into a cinema theater where his cats could watch nature documentaries. Perry had erected a screened enclosure in his backyard for his pets, including Creme Puff, to enjoy the outdoor environment.

#11 Cats can be distinguished by their nose prints

Cat nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints, therefore, we can replace implanted microchips on cats with the nose scanning device.

#13 Cats are very sensitive to vibration. They can sense an earthquake 10-15 minutes before people can

Cats' whisker hair follicles are densely packed with nerves, and the whisker tip contains a sensory organ known as proprioception. They also have the exceptional hearing ability. As a result of this combination, cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations and changes in their environment, and they use them as an additional sense to comprehend the world.

#14 Female cats are usually right-handed and male cats are left-handed

Cats' handedness appears to be linked to their gender, as female cats tend to be right-handed and male cats are left-handed. Find out if your cat is a rightie or a leftie by observing their daily activities such as walking downstairs, stepping over an object, or reaching for food.

#15 Cat owners have a 30% lower risk of having a heart attack or a stroke

According to a new study, cat owners are less likely than non-cat owners to suffer from a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease. But they do give us heart attacks by sneaking in the darkest corner of the house and don't come out for 3 days.

#16 Cat actually first appeared in Cyprus, not Egypt

The earliest domestic cats were thought to have appeared in Egypt, but a finding in 1936 disproved this theory. A mummy of a kitten was discovered in a 9,500-year-old cemetery in Cyprus: it had been buried with its owner. This is around 4,000 years before cats are mentioned in Egyptian art.

#17 According to a Jewish legend, Noah prayed to God asking to protect the food on the Ark from rats. God made a lion sneeze and this was how a cat appeared

What an interesting story about cats, but we all know cats are here on Earth to dominate humans and make us their servants forever! But no servants seem to disapprove as we love them and willing to spoil them with love and attention every day! Gidypet hopes that you can learn something new about the animal you adore very much!

#18 Bonus

It turns out that there is a special method of getting rid of a bad mood and many diseases. It’s called Feline-assisted therapy or treatment with cats. According to medical studies, cats can treat people in different ways:

  • With sound: when a cat purrs, it makes a vibration from 16 to 44 Hz; this is a perfect frequency that stimulates the protective systems of the body and makes the immune system stronger.
  • With heat: a cat’s body is usually a couple degrees higher than a human’s, so cats have a warming and an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • With their magnetic field (animal energy: this way, a cat can relax you, improve your mood, neutralize stress, and treat depression.)


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