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16 Cats Who Got Something Special From Nature

You probably know what 7 wonders of the world are, today we will break the record by 16!

What is more beautiful than given a specific special feature by Mother nature? That’s why we are all unique in our own way, and these cats also want to be in the team. Some are hilarious, some are incredibly stunning, some are randomly one of a kind. You never thought about having a pair of flamingoes on the brows right?

Felines are amazing from head to toes, and 16 cats below are way further than the beauty, thanks to the nature. Selectively compiled the most exclusive fineness around the world, hopefully those cats can steal your heart right away!

(h/t: brightside)

#1 “This adorable cat that was just brought into the shelter has one yellow eye and one Sauron eye”

#10 “Curly’s the biggest cat in the house with the softest fur”


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