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17 Cats And Dogs Who Cannot Do Without Their Humans

“Personal space? Never heard of it.” – Cats and dogs are sometimes pull us into their clingy game and they do not know if we are really tired of it. Admit it, you surely used to be fed up with their mess, but how can we get mad at their cute little face with puppy eyes, or the eyes of Puss In Boots, or the tail is always wiggling when we get home, and so on!

Pets are attached to us for so many reasons: they are used to have you by their side they were kittens or puppies, they volunteer to be your warriors to protect you from monsters in the bathroom, and definitely, they love to be around with you!

Since 17 cats and dogs below are the most outstanding examples of who can’t do anything without humans, surely will be tons of funny snaps await, share with us your experience about it in the comment section!

(h/t: brightside)

#1 “It would be just great if you’d stop taking a shower and feed me”

#8 “Let me in! I need to go in! Then I can…immediately go out”

#10 “How can you stare at a newspaper when you have me?”

#16 “Mom says I have no respect for Sam. Can you explain what she’s talking about?”


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